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Participated in the 7th UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education (3/3)

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Participated in the 7th UNESCO International Conference on Adult Education (3/3)

Hello, this is Ito from the DEAR staff.

We participated in the 7th UNESCO International Adult Conference (CONFINTEA7) from June 15th to 17th. The second part will introduce the state of the CONFINTEA7 meeting and how the recommendations from civil society were reflected in the " Marrakech Framework for Action " on the final day of the meeting.

3) Highlights of the third day (6/17)

Makiko Kondo, Deputy Representative Director of DEAR, took the stage in the subcommittee "Adult Learning and Education Aiming for Change" on the third day. In addition, the "Marrakech Framework for Action" was adopted.

■ Subcommittee: Adult learning and education aiming for change

Participated in the ASPBAE subcommittee "Transformative ALE for Inclusion, Participation and Sustainability". Here, there was an opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned about ALE for participation, inclusion and fairness, and Vice President Kondo spoke on the following two questions.

(Photo) State of "ALE aiming for change" subcommittee

① About proposals to the government regarding inclusion and participation

  • Reaching two government departments involved in adult education
  • Proposal for Government Participation in CONFINTEA 7
  • Attending a national meeting
  • Participation of civil society in the Japanese government frame

② ALE financial proposals (especially in relation to ODA)

  • Domestic Education Budget (4-6% of GDP and / or 15-20% of public spending on education, at least 4% of public education spending on adult education)
  • Raise awareness of the expertise of social educators (*) and provide financial support
  • Need to increase ODA budget

* Please refer to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology website for "social educators".

Also, the speaker, Nercy Lizalazo (CLADE, National Coordinator), said, "We listen to the voices of people-the voices of young people and adults-and their diverse contexts, knowledge, experiences, languages, and We must listen to our desires. "

Through the subcommittee, representatives from the Asia-Pacific, Arab and Latin American regions gathered to claim ALE as a human right, with stronger and more transformative ALE policies, adequate and transparent education funding, and a participatory approach to ALE. I was called.

■ Adoption of Marrakech Framework for Action

On the final day of the conference, " Marrakech Framework for Action-Leveraging the Transformational Power of Adult Learning and Education " was adopted at CONFINTEA 7.

From civil society, ICAE and ASPBAE joined the drafting committee and, from the CSO's point of view, insisted on strengthening the following commitments in particular, and were able to achieve an "significant victory" in both terms.

  • Increase public funding and resource mobilization for ALE, prevent a setback in existing budget allocations, and allocate at least 4-6% of GDP and / or at least 15-20% of total public education spending to adult education Gradually achieve the international benchmark.
  • Official Development Assistance (ODA), including filling the funding gap to meet the SDG4 adult literacy target and achieving the ODA target for developing countries, which is 0.7% of gross national product (GNP) for many developed countries. Strive to integrate skills training through the fulfillment of existing commitments.

There are also many other important achievements in the Marrakech Framework for Action. Please refer to the Adult Learning / Education Knowledge Site for an overview.

The Marrakech Framework for Action, which includes many of the recommendations of civil society, has been unanimously adopted by more than 140 UNESCO Member States at CONFINTEA7, and this Action Plan will be part of adult learning and education worldwide over the next 12 years. It will be the central policy document of ALE).

4) Finally (impression)

For three days, there were a lot of issues such as how to proceed with adult learning / education from each country and region, but in general, deepen the reason and significance that adult learning / education is a right. Is done. And I realized once again that what is two sides of the same coin with rights is also the responsibility of society and as a member of society.

Looking back on the situation in Japan, I feel a sense of crisis if each of us hears the word "right" to learn, but does not specifically recognize its importance. In today's rapidly changing world called VUCA, the skills to know, think, and act are not acquired without permission. I think everyone wants a better solution to issues such as climate change, poverty and inequality, gender and peace. The reason why adults and youth learn and acquire competencies and skills is also to tackle such issues common to all humankind. It is clear that it is difficult to apply the knowledge learned at school all the time in the age of 100, and even after graduating from school, learning as a natural right needs to permeate society more. I was pinched. And it was four days that I was convinced that each person's learning would lead not only to the affluence of the person himself but also to the affluence of society as a whole. (Report: Ito)

With ASPBAE and ICAE friends

The report of this meeting was translated by referring to the posts on the facebook of the following organizations.
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