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Text to a world that does not leave behind the learning of adults and youth
Image to a world where learning of adults and youth is not left behind

In an era called "100 years of life"
Even though most of a person's life is in the "adult period", when we talk about "education" in today's society, the problems of school and children are emphasized.

Of course, children's education is important, but
In order to achieve the SDGs Goal 4 “Quality Education for Everyone”, it is essential to promote learning not only for children's school education but also for people of all ages and in various educational settings including the community. is.

By continuing to learn while building your own life as an adult
You can overcome the difficulties faced in society and continue to explore your own way of life.
And even as an adult, you can grow and mature as a person.

In addition, for the future of society and the future of children,
We cannot create a peaceful and just society in which adults with great responsibilities can live together unless they continue to learn.

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